Top Quality Vlees
Halal meat and Middle Eastern products of trusted quality.
Different types of delicious meat
all prepared with care in Amsterdam.

Your specialist and wholesale supplier of halal shawarma since 1998!

Top Quality Vlees is your wholesale supplier for halal meat, shawarma, and a variety of exotic products. We supply our product to (Islamic) butchers, restaurants, and private persons. With customers not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, England and Spain. Top Quality Vlees delivers high-grade halal meat throughout Europe.

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At Top Quality Vlees you are guaranteed to find the best quality meat for a competitive price. All our products are produced and/or prepared one day before you buy it. Based on your preference, you can order our meat either fresh or frozen.

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Halal meat

For 17 years, Top Quality Vlees has been trusted supplier to a range of different companies. Our quality has been proven and confirmed by Islamic butchers, restaurants, and stores across England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. As a seal of proof, all our European partners are officially certified by internationally recognized Halal organizations.

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Our halal products are delivered 7 days a week to private customers, butchers, and restaurants throughout Europe. For Dutch companies and customers, our meat is also available for pick-up at our Amsterdam location.

Production process

Six days per week, we work hard producing fine quality Halal meat. Top Quality Vlees is specialized in the production of many different types of Halal shawarma. Since 1998 we have been your specialist and wholesale supplier for halal meat and exotic products.

Furthermore, Top Quality Vlees is the only European supplier of BEST, the popular Middle Eastern fruit drink. It is available in three exotic flavors. Click here for an overview of all our products.


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