All our products are freshly prepared 7 days a week. That way, you and your customers can always enjoy delicious halal meat and exotic products. For a fair price.


Since 1998, Top Quality Vlees sells shawarma of different types of meat. Our lamb shawarma is available both in strips and on a skewer.

You can furthermore order all the most delicious pieces of lamb, such as lamb fillet, leg of lamb, and lamb chop. Prefer more choice? Try our whole lamb!


Our chicken is available as fillet, either whole or in strips. Furthermore we have chicken thighs as you like it, either with skin or without. Moreover, Top Quality Vlees is your supplier for drumsticks and grilled half chicken.

Of course, our chicken is also available as shawarma. We produce our chicken shawarma in strips.

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Our shawarma mix of turkey and lamb is a bestselling favorite. Of course, our turkey shawarma is also purely available, both cut and on a skewer.

Do you want more than just shawarma? Try our turkey thigh or turkey on shashlik!


Besides our halal shawarma specialties and meat of lamb, chicken, and turkey, you can find a range of different products. The bestsellers are of course our minced meat kebab of beef, spareribs, and even (T-bone) steak!

Top Quality Vlees is also your address for döner kebab and döner chicken, available on skewer or in strips. Furthermore, we have durum wraps, Turkish bread in three different sizes, Turkish pizza, ham, salami, merguez sausage, falafel, and shawarma spices.

Top Quality Vlees is also the only European supplier of BEST, the popular Middle Eastern fruit drink. BEST is available in three exotic flavors: mango, guave, and cocktail.